turning back (hedwig)

I think I'm nuts

But I want to tattoo '...' (minus the '-s) on my back. I like the idea of it, of thoughs, experiances, momemnts, just trailing off, not ending.

But it'll just look like three freckles!

*taps mic* Buler? Buler? Anyone there?

Short Story

I found this on my hard drive. It was going to be a longer story, but I think it makes an all right short story as well. Maybe. Heh. Thoughts?

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F-Locked Baby!Erin pics to follow. She's home and sooo cuuute.

Perfectly healthy now.

Mixed Blessings...

So. My sister had her baby on Wednesday (02/20). Erin Mary •••••. This should be a very happy post, but as of right now the baby is still in the N.I.C.U. AKA the place you don't want your baby to be in.

The little girl is going to be all right, hopefully. Right now, she had fluid in her lungs because my sister didn't push enough times -- apparently as you push, you squeeze the mucus out of the baby's lungs...

Yeah, so she's on like, a sleep apnea machine (or that's how it's been explained to me), that helps make sure she's breathing. I can't go in the N.I.C.U. so when I went up to see my sis, after work, everyone was so happy saying little Erin looks 100% better, her eyes were open and she was alert and trying to get everything off of her -- she wasn't just laying there anymore. He color is getting less red they say.

More news as it develops...My sister stayed tonight at the hospital, but doesn't think she'll trick them into a 3rd night (her dr told her she would have a fever tonight -- I like her dr :wink: ) The sad part is, she'll probably leave tomorrow without her baby. I can't think of anything worse than leaving the hospital without your baby, and I don't even want babies! (Yet. All this both has my ovaries tying themselves in knots and poking me saying I want one at the same time.)

Anyway, I'm heading to bed. Stressful times + period + loud ass mother= BIG ASS HEADACHE. I can't even hold my head up.

Hopefully I'll have good news at the next up date. I'm sure she'll be okay. It's just a matter of when...

At least, that's what i keep telling myself. Really, I'm just as terrified as everyone else in my family.
about to cry (moonchild)

worst two words ever.

Me: bad weather + stabbing face pains=no good drivey
Them: I just got this image of a face stabbing you.
Them: like the knife is attached to the cheek or something
Me: that's actually a pretty accurate description of the pain
Them: neato. fucking terrifying, but neat!

Dude. I had my wisdom teeth out Friday. Now, I'm pretty sure I have dry socket. I have to go in tomorrow to see what's going on. I've had three vicodens since 4pm. I'm still in pain.

In other news, the weather is beyond frightful. I skated to work, on GIR, my car. It wasn't so bad in the snow.

I started a new, new domain. 'Cause? I couldn't afford the quarterly bills at the other place, and I didn't like the name anymore. I do that.


I'm going to bed now that I can almost breathe around the pain in my face.
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Big Plans

Life? It's not working. I feel like it's on hold while I finish school. It's taking forever though...

I've made a decision. A SCARY decision.

I'm moving out. I'm moving up to Albany, where I can be close enough to my family that I can come home for a weekend, but not so close that anyone will be coming by without warning.

SUNY Albany does a library program there, that's actually cheaper than the one I'm going to. I already spoke with the dean and she said they can take 12 credits, which is what I had at the end of last semester.

I'm taking the semester off, which is no big deal since I only took classes to get DONE not classes I wanted. I couldn't afford it anyway.

I've started to apply for jobs. I want to move to the Latham/Clifton Park area. I've been to Clifton Park and loved it, but Latham is just as nice and a little cheaper.

600 for a 1 bed room is damn cheep compaired to the average here: 900 for a crapy basement apartment...

I figure a 30k job and I'm golden but I can make do w/ 26-28k.

I'm excited and terrified. I even made a target wish list of everything i could want/need HERE. I know a kitchen table would be good, but I think I could find a cheaper one at a thrift store --same goes for the dresser...


So. I'm trying to be back. Call it a late new years resolution.

What has been going on in the life of Diyin? •deep breath•

Well on the job front: I was hired at B&B. I sucked, they put me into reception instead. About a month ago, I did the big girl thing and asked for a promotion back up and got it. Now I'm doing what I was supposed to do –assisting first time callers. It's depressing as shit. Today I talked to a 23 year old guy who was trying for 2 years to have a baby on the day he found out his fiancé was preggers, he got told he has cancer. It's a trill a minute.

Personal: I had a boyfriend for a bit. From about Halloween until right before Christmas, but it didn't work. HE was up my ass all the time and I just wasn't into him…

Car: So, after the accident, my car was totaled. I got a new car. A Scion Xb
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Family: My sister is preggers, with her fourth child. They say it's a girl, but…with her, I wouldn't be surprised if it was a boy. She's been having some trouble with early contractions, so she's on full bed rest.

Other than that, nothing much is going on.